Research programme nurses’selfmanagement support for people with incurable diseases

Duration: January 2014 - December 2018

Self-management for patients with progressive incurable diseases is not a matter of course. The progressive physical and/or cognitive decline may often mean that self-management skills are limited. Self-management support by nurses can strengthen these skills and is therefore of paramount importance..

How can nurses’ interventions contribute to self-management for patients and family carers facing progressive incurable diseases?

The programme will initially focus on nurses' self-management support in two relevant subgroups, namely patients and family carers confronted with either
(a) advanced cancer or
(b) dementia.

We will proceed through the following five stages in both subgroups independently:
1. Exploration of self-management support needs and identification of promising interventions;
2: Design/choice of interventions;
3. Validation and initial testing;
4. Trial looking at the effectiveness;
5. Knowledge transfer and implementation.

The research programme will provide a scientific base for self-management support by nurses, ultimately leading to improved care for patients and family carers facing progressive diseases. The programme will also result in long-term collaboration between researchers, lecturers and nurses in the Utrecht-Amsterdam area.
ZonMw – programma Tussen Weten en Doen
In this project we work together with
VUmc, AMC, Hogeschool Inholland, Hogeschool van Amsterdam e.a.