Shifting aftercare for patients with prostate cancer towards primary care

Duration: March 2014 - June 2016

Care for patients with prostate cancer in combination with one or more chronic diseases is currently provided by different caregivers for different diseases. To improve overall care, this should shift from disease based care to patient based care. One can achieve this by a more distinct role of the general practitioner in close collaboration with the other caregivers.
Can the total care given to patients with prostate cancer with comorbidity be improved by providing the general practitioner a more distinct role
To develop a new care pathway for patients with prostate cancer, and implement this new pathway in 4 general practices. The effect of this new pathway will be evaluated in combination with an evaluation of the process.
Care of patients with prostate cancer and comorbidity will improve due to better agreement between care givers about the provided care in combination with more patient involvement.
In this project we work together with
Meander MC
RU Nijmegen
REshape Innovation Centre, UMC St Radboud