Study groups by and for the elderly

Duration: February 2016 - December 2017

In a Study group 10-15 elderly discuss every two-weeks about a democratic chosen (recent) topic. Essential is ‘do it by yourself’. Study groups keep people involved to each other and to the society.

1. Is the method ‘Study groups’ applicable for elderly people with one or more disabilities? What are promoting and prohibiting factors? Do digital techniques and media support Study groups and maintaining social contacts?
2. What does participation in Study groups mean for elderly with disabilities?

Interviews with key informants, focus groups with elderly people, interviews with 'drop outs’
1. Insight into promoting and prohibiting factors concerning the applicability of the method for the elderly with disabilities.
2. Insight into whether participation in Study groups means that elderly are more active, that they have more social contacts, or that they are able to live at home independently for a longer period.
Fonds NutsOhra
In this project we work together with
Rijnbrink, Spectrum (Adrea Kuijpers), Gelders Platform Studiekringen