Substitution potential and effectiveness of the optometrist the Dutch primary eye care

Cost control in primary eye care in the Netherlands is crucial. The potential role of the optometrist can play an important role to reduce costs while maintaining the quality of primary eye care.
What is the diagnostic effectiveness of optometrists compared with ophthalmologists and general practitioners? What volumes of eye care has been treated by optometrists, ophthalmologists and general practitioners in the Netherlands, and how can this labor division be changed - based on the potential role of the optometrists in Dutch eye care?
A vignette study will be performed among optometrists, ophthalmologists and general practitioners (GPs). After that, volume data from primary eye care practices and hospitals will be analyzed.
An empirical and evidence based advice on what eye problems can be handled by the optometrists instead of the ophthalmologists or GPs, order to redesign primary eye care and reduced costs.
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