Tailored communication advice for pharmacy staff: development and implementation of a web-based feedback instrument (COM-MA).

The pharmacy counter is a good place to prevent, recognize and discuss medication related problems. However, communication between patient and pharmacy staff is not optimal. Other settings have shown that communication improves by using video recordings, self-reflection and personal feedback. In COM-MA, these aspects are combined and online feedback is provided to pharmacy staff to improve their communication skills.

1. Which elements are essential in patient-provider communication in the pharmacy? And to what extent and how do these elements occur in current communication?
3. To what extent and how does communication improve because of COM-MA and to what extent does COM-MA influence patient activation and patient participation?
4. What are strengths and limitations of COM-MA?
5. How can COM-MA be succesfully implemented on larger scale?

Literature study, focus group meetings with pharmacy staff (technicians and pharmacists) and patients, intervention in pharmacies with pre-posttest, evaluation of implementation.
An online feedback tool for pharmacy staff to improve their communication skills which will be offered to all pharmacies against cost price.
In this project we work together with
UPPER/Universiteit Utrecht (Ellen Koster)
ASCoR/UvA (Annemiek Linn)
St. Maartenskliniek (Bart van den Bemt)
Centrum voor Patiënt en Geneesmiddel (Annette Heinen)