Timely and optimal palliative care in homeless people: the first phase of a project to develop and implement a palliative care consultancy service.

Palliative care for seriously ill homeless people is often offered late in the disease process. Their social workers often have little knowledge of palliative care.

What characteristics and care needs do homeless people in the last stages of life have, what care do they receive and what problems occur therein?

- International literature review
- Analyses of existing cohorts of homeless people
- Analysis of care reports during the last stages of life
- Expert meeting

Results are processed in publications for different audiences.
In this project we work together with
VU Medisch Centrum EMGO Instituut (Prof. dr. Bregje D. Onwuteaka-Philipsen)
Hospice Kuria (Dhr. Jaap Gootjes)
EPZ Erasmus MC (Dr. Judith A.C. Rietjens)