Unraveling the formula of an integrated approach toward health in Overvecht, a deprived area

Duration: January 2017 - March 2020

Primary care in Overvecht uses an integrated approach toward vulnerable citizens. GP’s developed the 4D model; with this model problems are analyzed on 4 domains: physical, psychological, social functioning and social support.
- What are the working mechanisms and necessary conditions of such an organization and what can be approved in the collaborations?
- to what extent to clients accept the 4D approach and what can be approved in this?
- what are the costs for implementation?
- How efficient are referrals?
- Interviews, focus groups and observations with/of professionals
- Focus groups and questionnaires with clients
- Video observations of professional-client contact

Aim of the first year is obtain insight in the provided (health)care and (professional) collaboration with the 4D model, investigate facilitators and barriers and provide feedback to the participating organizations.
In this project we work together with
Stichting Overvecht Gezond (Petra van Wezel, Nikki Makkes)