Variation in treatment of people with cancer

Current costs and workload of the Dutch healthcare system are rising. To maintain its quality, it is important to use the health care system efficiently. This can be obtained by offering appropriate care; i.e. evidence-base care that meets the need of patients. So, over- or under treatment needs to be prevented. This will be studied within a research program of Zorginstituut Nederland. We will focus on active treatment given to patients with cancer; i.e. breast cancer, melanoma, lung cancer, prostate cancer and colon cancer.
What is the variation in treatment provided during the first months after the diagnosis between hospitals for these five types of cancer.
Based on the National Cancer registration (NKR), the variation in treatment during the first months after diagnosis will be determined.
This study will provide insight in treatment variation between hospitals during the initial treatment period of patients with cancer for the years 2007-2011. These results will be related to current guidelines and discussed with experts in the field to interpret he observed differences. These results can be used as starting point for a discussion with the field to identify care with possible room for improvement (this phase is beyond the scope of this study).
Zorginstituut Nederland (voorheen College voor Zorgverzekeringen)