August 2019

Watchyourmeds: implementation in Dutch pharmacies

Patients are increasingly involved in (choices in) their own treatment. Patients are in need of reliable, comprehensible and complete information about medicines. A source of information that has been available for several years now is Kijksluiter (Watchyourmeds). This is a library of approximately 6,500 video animation videos, in which the most important information from the patient information leaflet is explained in clear spoken language supported by animations ( Since January 1, 2019, patients in about 80% of Dutch community pharmacies and 70% of outpatient pharmacies have access to Kijksluiter. The large-scale implementation of Kijksluiter in the pharmacy setting offers unique opportunities for implementation research. The aim of this research is therefore to explore whether and how pharmacists implement Kijksluiter.

Study: aims and methods
In this study we look at the implementation of Kijksluiter in the pharmacy. We use the RE-AIM model as a framework. RE-AIM stands for Reach, Effectiveness, Adoption, Implementation and Maintenance. We draw up a questionnaire based on this model. In the newsletter of Stichting Kijksluiter, public and outpatient pharmacies will be approached with the question whether they want to complete this online questionnaire.

This research provides a first insight into the extent to which and the way in which Kijksluiter was implemented in the pharmacy took setting during the first year of large-scale adoption. On the basis of the results, facilitating and hampering factors are captured.
Stichting Kijksluiter
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