Working conference ‘Strengthening the European Dimension in Health Services Research’

European health care systems face several challenges that ask for innovative solutions. Focus of this special working conference is on how international comparisons in health services and systems research can help decision-makers address these challenges and provide scientific evidence to inform policies and practices.
Purpose of the working conference is to address the following issues: 1) to raise the quality of internationally comparative HSR, 2) to help national decision makers identifying and using international research evidence, and 3) to strengthen capacity building both at the research and policy side.
The conference goals will be reflected in its programme, among others in terms of sessions on identifying good practice and transferability of research findings. Key target groups are established experts and high potential talents in research or policy-making from across Europe.
Main impact of the working conference is that it will help identify possibilities and limitations of cross-national comparison and come to a mutual understanding on how to improve these limitations through concrete actions. These main outcomes will be summarized in a concise policy brief for decision makers and a paper for the scientific community.
Conference Grant EU Health Programme 2008-2013