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What are the key priority areas where European health systems can learn from each other?

Hansen, J., Haarmann, A., Groenewegen, P., Azzopardi Muscat, N., Tomaselli, G., Poldrugovac, M. What are the key priority areas where European health systems can learn from each other?, 39 p.
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This policy brief is based on a report produced by the TO-REACH project – Transfer of Organizational innovations for Resilient, Effective, equitable, Accessible, sustainable and Comprehensive Health services and systems.

Key messages:
- There are multiple areas that have been identified as key priority areas for cross-country learning and innovation. They can be clustered among four domains:
1. Person- and population-centredness.
2. Integration of services across all health sectors and traditional health system boundaries.
3. Four key sectors of care requiring reform: long-term care, hospital care, primary care and mental health care.
4. Preconditions for improved functionality of the priority areas above.

- Person- and population-centredness is the main priority for future research and innovation and is the guiding principle for all other priority areas.
- Integration of services is a key prerequisite for person-centred care and the second priority.
- The key sectors of care require reform if they are to contribute to integrated person- and population-centred care and are also priority areas in their own right.
- Supporting mechanisms across all sectors are needed to improve the functionality of the identified priorities, specifically adequate: health workforce; information and communication technology; performance measurement and quality; financing; and governance.
- European collaboration on research would provide a solid basis for addressing the challenges of health and care systems transformation and help to maximize learning between European health systems.