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International comparative publications (English)

Tolvanen, E., Koskela, T.H., Helminen, M., Kosunen, E. Patient Enablement After a Single Appointment With a GP: Analysis of Finnish QUALICOPC Data. Journal of Primary Care & Community Health: 2017

Schäfer, W.L.A. Primary care in 34 countries: perspectives of general practitioners and their patients. = Eerstelijnszorg in 34 landen: perspectieven van huisartsen en hun patiënten. Utrecht: Nivel, 2016.

Loenen, T. van.  Organization of primary care; Impact on avoidable secondary care.  Nijmegen: Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen 2017

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Hanssens, L.G., Detollenaere, J.D., Pottelberge, A. van, Baert, S., Willems, S.J. Perceived discrimination In Primary Healthcare in Europe: evidence from the cross-sectional QUALICOPC study. Health and social care in the community: 2017, 25 (2), 641 -651

Detollenaere, J., Pottelberge, A. van, Hanssens, L., Boerma, W., Greß, S., Willems, S. Patients’ financially driven delay of GP visits: is it less likely to occur in stronger primary care systems? Medical Care Research and Review: 2016

Murante, A.M., Seghieri, C., Vainieri, M., Schäfer, W.L.A. Patient-perceived responsiveness of primary care systems across Europe and the relationship with the health expenditure and remuneration systems of primary care doctors. Social Science & Medicine: 2017, 186, 139-147

Schäfer WLA, Boerma WGW, Spreeuwenberg P, Schellevis FG, Groenewegen PP. Two decades of change in European general practice service profiles: conditions associated with the developments in 28 countries between 1993 and 2012. Scand J Prim Health Care. 2016 

van Loenen T, Faber MJ, Westert GP, van den Berg MJ. The impact of primary care organization on avoidable hospital admissions for diabetes in 23 countriesScand J Prim Health Care. 2016 

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Schäfer, W.L.A., Boerma, W.G.W., Kringos, D.S., Maeseneer, J. de, Gress, S., Heinemann, S., Rotar-Pavlic, D., Seghieri, C., Svab, I., Berg, M.J. van den, Vainieri, M., Westert, G.P., Willems, S., Groenewegen, P.P. QUALICOPC, a multi-country study evaluating quality, costs and equity in primary careBMC Family Practice 2011, 12:115

Publications on countries (English)

Eide, T.B., Straand, J., Björkelund, C., Kosunen, E.,  Thorgeirsson, O., Vedsted, P., Rosvold, E.O. Differences in medical services in Nordic general practice: a comparative survey from the QUALICOPC study. Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care: 2017, 35 ( 2)

Katz, A., Herpai, N.,  Smith, G.,  Aubrey-Bassler, K., Breton, M., Boivin, A., Hogg, W., Miedema, B.,   Pang, J., Wodchis, W.P., Wong, S.T. Alignment of Canadian Primary Care With the Patient Medical Home Model: A QUALICO-PC Study.  Annals of Family medicine: 2017, 15 (3), 230-236

Lionis, C., Papadakis, S., Tatsi, C., Bertsias, A., Duijker, G., Mekouris, P.B., Boerma, W., Schäfer, W. Informing primary care reform in Greece: patient expectations and experiences (the QUALICOPC study). BMC Health Services Research: 2017, 17(1), 255

Akman, M., Sakarya, S., Sargin, M., Ünlüoğlu, I., Taşkın Eğici, M., Boerma, W.G.W., Schäfer, W.L.A. Changes in primary care provision in Turkey: a comparison of 1993 and 2012. Health Policy: 2017, 121(2), 197-206

Krzton-Krolewiecka, A., Oleszczyk, M., Schäfer, W.L.A., Boerma, W.G.W., Windak, A. Quality of primary health care in Poland from the perspective of the physicians providing it. BMC Family Practice: 2016, 17(1), 151

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Jakič, M., Rotar Pavlič, D. Patients’ perception of differences in general practitioners’ attitudes toward immigrants compared to the general population: QUALICOPC Slovenia. Zdrav Var: 2016, 55(3), 155-165

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Pullicino, G., Sciortino, P., Camilleri, L., Schäfer, W., Boerma, W. The influence of patient characteristics on healthcare-seeking behavior: a multilevel analysis of 70 primary care practices in urban-suburban regions in Malta. Quality in Primary Care: 2016, 24(3), 106-110

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Hoffmann K, George A, Dorner TE, Süß K, Schäfer WLA, Maier M. Primary health care teams put to the test a cross-sectional study from Austria within the QUALICOPC project. BMC Family Practice (2015) 16:168.

Hoffmann K, Wojczewski S, George A, Schäfer WLA, Maier M. Stressed and overworked? A cross-sectional study of the working situation of urban and rural general practitioners in Austria in the framework of the QUALICOPC project. Croat Med J. 2015;56:366-74.

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Parkinson, A., Jorm, J. Douglas, K.A., Gee, A., Sargent, G.M., Lujic, S., McRae, I.S. Recruiting general practitioners for surveys: reflections on the difficulties and some lessons learned. Australian Journal of Primary Health 2014

Publications in other languages

Schäfer, W.L.A., Berg, M.J. van der, Boerma, W.G.W., Schellevis, F.G., Groenewegen, P.P. Taakprofielen van huisartsen in Nederland en Europa. Huisarts en Wetenschap: 2016, 59(7), 286-291 (Publication in Dutch only)

Seghieri, C., Murante, A.M., Vainieri, M., Capitani, G., Visentin, G., Schäfer, W.L.A., Boerma, W.G.W., Groenewegen, P.P. QUALICOPC: uno studio multicentrico per valutare la qualità, i costi e l'equità nelle cure primarie. Care, (2013), p. 36-37.

Akman, M., Kalaça, S., Sargin, M., Tuncel, B., Ünlüoğlu, I., Uğurlu, M., Schäfer, W.L.A., Boerma, W.G.W., Groenewegen, P.P. QUALICOPC: Birinci basamak sağlik hizmetlerini kalite, maliyet ve aşitlik açisindan değerlendiren çok ülkeli bir çalişma* = QUALICOPC: a multi-country study evaluating quality, costs and equity in primary care. Türkiye Aile Hekimliği Dergisi, 16 (2012) 2, p. 68-71.

Seifert, B., Šrámková, N, Král, N., Schäfer, W., Boerma, W., Groenewegen, P. Studie QUALICOPC – porovnání rozvoje primární péče v 31 evropských zemích. Praktický lékař. 2012, roč. 92, č. 4, s. 235-237

Rurik, I., Boerma, W.G.W., Kolozsvári, L.R., Lánczi, L.I., Mester, L., Móczár, C., Schäfer, W.L.A., Schmidt, P., Torzsa, P., Végh, M., Groenewegen, P.P. QUALICOPC: az alapellátás minőségének, költségének és méltányosságának vizsgálata Európa országaiban: magyarországi ág  Orvosi Hetilap 2012

Willems S., De Ryck E., Schäfer W. Onderzoek naar de kwaliteit, kostprijs en billijkheid van de eerstelijnsgezondheidszorg in Europa. Huisarts Nu 2012;41:123-4