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Important changes in the timing of influenza epidemics in Western and Eastern Europe

A study carried out by Nivel and published in Eurosurveillance has found that the timing of influenza epidemics has changed in Europe over the last 20 years. These findings have important implications for influenza vaccination programmes in the region. Climate change and/or changes in population movement may be underlying factors that explain these developments.

Detainee frequently chronically ill and affected by substance abuse

Detainees in police custody present chronic illness one and a half time as often compared to the general population, as published by scientists from GGD-Amsterdam and NIVEL in the Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine.

General practitioners not very sensitive to financial incentives

The way general practitioners (GPs) are paid has only limited effects on the affordability, accessibility and quality of care. Medical ethics and guidelines in Dutch general practice seem to have counteracted large differences in the provision of health care, says Christel van Dijk in NIVEL-research on which she attained the doctoral degree at Tilburg University.

Nationwide albuminuria self-test program increases awareness on renal diseases

A nationwide albuminuria self-test program of the Dutch Kidney Foundation resulted in an increasing number of newly diagnosed renal complaints and diseases by the general practitioner (GP) the year after the program. Apparently, the self-test program increased the awareness on renal diseases of both GPs and patients according to a recently published NIVEL study in BMC Family Practice.

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