What can Nivel do for you?


Nivel's expertise is available for scientific research organisations, governmental bodies (Dutch and foreign ministries, European Commission) and organisations representing health care professionals, health care consumers and health care insurance companies.

Nivel’s research
Nivel conducts Health Service Research in the broadest sense. Examples are:

  • Evaluation studies of the efficacy of innovations in health care, policy measures and health law.
  • Scenario studies to predict developments in the need for health care or the supply of health care.
  • International comparative studies regarding health care systems.
  • Answering specific questions by using NIVEL's knowledge base, e.g. evidence on the effectiveness of policy measures.
  • And many other subjects; a few examples are studies into treatment adherence, antimicrobial resistance, prescription behaviour of GPs….

Cooperation with Nivel
If you would like to explore the options of working together with Nivel, please feel free to contact us:

Our general email address is:
Email:  directie@nivel.nl
Phone: +31 30 2729 665

Or contact one of our program coordinators:

Programme Programme coordinator
Professions in Health Care and Manpower Planning R.S. (Ronald) Batenburg, PhD
Care Demand of the Chronically Ill and Disabled H. (Hennie) Boeije, PhD
Patient Centered Care D. (Dolf) de Boer, PhD
Pharmaceutical Care L. (Liset) van Dijk, PhD
Communication in Health Care Prof. A.M. (Sandra) van Dulmen, PhD
Nursing and Care Prof. A.L. (Anneke) Francke, PhD
Impact of Legislation and Oversight in Health Care Prof. R.D. (Roland) Friele, PhD
Quality and Organisation of Hospital- and Long Term Care J. (Janke) de Groot, PhD
Health Care System and Governance J.D. (Judith) de Jong, PhD
General Practice J.C. (Joke) Korevaar, PhD
Netherlands Primary Care Information Network R.A. (Robert) Verheij, PhD