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Houtum, L. van, Rijken, M., Heijmans, M., Groenewegen, P.
Patient-perceived self-management tasks and support needs of people with chronic illness: generic or disease specific?
Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 49 (2015) 2, p. 221-229.
Background: Self-management is widely accepted as an essential component of chronic care. Nevertheless, little is known about patients’ perceptions of self-management. Purpose: This study aims to explore which self-management tasks and support needs people with chronic illness perceive for themselves, and to establish whether these tasks and support needs are disease specific. Methods: A nationwide representative sample of 2,064 people with chronic disease filled in the Patient Assessment of Self-management Tasks questionnaire. Results: Many respondents perceive self-management tasks in the daily management of their condition, although few indicate a need for support. Respondents who feel a need for support in one aspect of self-management are likely to feel a need for support in other aspects as well. Type of disease has a small effect on self-management tasks and even smaller on support needs. Conclusion: Although the self-management tasks patients perceive may be partly disease specific, self-management support does not necessarily need to be disease specific. (aut.ref.)
Trefwoorden: zelfzorg, chronische patiënten, hulpbehoefte, ondersteuning, attitude, panels.
Keywords: self-care, chronically ill, demand.