TitleMapping GP care in Aruba; organization, accessibility and experiences of patients
ContactW.G.W. (Wienke) Boerma
R.A. (Robert) Verheij
Project descriptionJointly with the GP Association, the Aruban government and health insurer are working towards improved primary care in the country. What is the current state of Primary Care? Focal points are: - Human resources in GP practices - Accessibility and attainability - Collaboration among GPs and with public health and specialist care providers. - Conditions for quality of care - Points for improvement (as perceived by GPs) - Experiences of patients with provided care - Perception in the population with regard to GP care - The quality of medical record keeping in the GPs’ information system Interviews; surveys; analysis of extracted (anonymised) data from the GPs’ information systems; feedback information. - Overview of the organisation and regulation on GP care in Aruba - Survey questionnaires for GPs and patients. - Data collection by means of oral and written interviews and extracted data from GPs’ information systems - Analysis of the collected data - Reporting and presentation of results
SubsidiserUO-AZV (ziektekostenverzekeraar op Aruba)