TitleLearning from incidents in youth care
ContactA.H.M. (Mattanja) Triemstra
R.D. (Roland) Friele
Project descriptionThe Inspectorate for healthcare and youth (IGJ) and the Inspectorate for Security and Justice are jointly responsible for national supervision within the framework of the Youth Act. When the inspectorates investigate adverse events (and violent incidents) they have the aim to prevent repetition, and generate lessons that are also relevant for other institutions. The Inspectorate wants to gain more insight into if and how youth care institutions learn from the supervision on adverse events, which factors influence learning ability and how they can better connect their reports to care practice. Insight into this is necessary to be able to determine how the inspectorate can further promote learning. This will be studied through literature research, document analysis and interviews with inspectors, care directors, care providers and other relevant stakeholders. This study will provide an international exploration and a theoretical foundation on the fundamental idea of learning of adverse events within youth care organizations involved and beyond, and the role of the inspectorate in this. For other supervisors outside of youth care, this study can also be relevant.
CooperationAcademische werkplaats toezicht; Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management