TitleUpdate research on health effects of livestock farms for the time period 2014-2016, with a particular focus on goat farms and respiratory health outcomes
ContactC. (Christos) Baliatsas
M.L.A. (Michel) Dückers
C.J. (Joris) IJzermans
Project descriptionPrevious research in the Netherlands has shown that living close to goat and poultry farms constitute risk factors for pneumonia. The primary aim of this study is assess the association between living in the vicinity of livestock and various (primarily respiratory) health effects, based on longitudinal health data and various exposure proxies. Data on morbidity, health symptoms and medication will be collected based on electronic health records registered in general practices in areas with intensive livestock farming in the Netherlands (study area). These will be compared with corresponding health data from different rural regions with less livestock farms (and other major environmental exposures), which will be used as controls. Health data from the study area will also be coupled with exposure estimates, based on geographic information systems. The results of the current project are expected in June 2018.
SubsidiserVWS; LNV