ContactM. (Marcia) Vervloet
L. (Liset) van Dijk
Project descriptionMedication non-adherence is common. On average, a quarter of the patients is non-adherent. Patients do not start an agreed treatment, they do not use the medication as prescribed or they do not finish the treatment. This leads to an increase in healthcare costs and social costs and a decrease in health and quality of life. There is increasing evidence that healthcare providers can effectively support medication adherence and that this support has positive effects on treatment outcomes and costs. Dutch nurses already perform a relatively large number of activities in the area of medication adherence. They signaling non-adherence and support and guidance patients. Nevertheless, improvements are possible. The purpose of this study is to develop a quality standard that provides practical tools for nurses to support and promote medication adherence among patients. The quality standard will be developed in accordance with the applicable guidelines (AQUA) and will consist of a general module, program-specific care modules and an organizational module. The general module will focus on overarching and disease-related aspects of promoting medication adherence by nurses. The program-specific modules focus on points of attention that fit in with the tasks and responsibilities of the education level of the nurse in question. The organizational module will focus on cooperation with other healthcare professionals. Based on the recommendations in the quality standard, other products will be developed, including a patient version, an information standard with practical tools for application in practice and implementation materials such as training materials, practical tools and a guideline for making agreements other health care providers.