TitleProblem analysis for possible development of a nursing quality standard on healthcare problems with medication compliance
Project descriptionMany students of bachelor nursing shools do not complete their study The main objective of this project is to gain insight into why student nurses stop with their nursing education before getting a diploma, and how this can be influenced. There are several phases: 1. Systematic review 2. Cohort study among student nurses 3. Qualitative interviews with students who stopped 4. Intervention study Phd-thesis and effective intervention strategies to prevent stopping with nursing education
CooperationHogeschool Rotterdam, dr. Pepijn Roelofs en drs. E. Bakker; Erasmus MC – Huisartsgeneeskunde, te Rotterdam, Prof. Dr. B. Koes; VU Medisch Centrum – Sociale Geneeskunde, gevestigd te Amsterdam, Prof. Dr. A. van der Beek