TitleMonitor Health Insurance Switching season 2017-2018
ContactT.E.M. (Thamar) van Esch
J.D. (Judith) de Jong
Project descriptionAn important principle of the Dutch Health Insurance Act is that people make a well-informed choice for their health insurance. At the end of each calendar year, they have the opportunity to switch to another health insurer. Health insurers also can provide health care advice. 1. How well do health insurers provide information, e.g. on different types of insurances? 2. To what extent do (perceived) transfer barriers exist for insured? 3. To what extent do health insurers provide care advice and in what way? We analyze websites of health insurers and insurance comparison websites, send mystery mails to insurers, conduct a questionnaire among members of the Dutch Health Care Consumer Panel, and organize a focus group day with members from that panel. Insight into information provision by health insurers, (perceived) transfer barriers for insured and the extent and form of care advice, during the switching season 2017-2018.
CooperationLenny Smulders