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NIVEL Primary Care Database (NIVEL Zorgregistraties eerste lijn) uses routinely recorded data from health care providers to monitor health and utilisation of health services in a representative sample of the Dutch population.


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 European FlagAs a national research institute and centre of expertise, NIVEL participates in several international projects



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 NIVEL has been a WHO Collaborating Centre since 1987. In that role NIVEL has contributed to the support of health care reforms in the WHO European Region. NIVEL is currently carrying out several projects commissioned by WHO. The projects are intended to provide countries with information and mechanisms to support policy to strengthen the primary care level of health care.
The projects are under preparation in close cooperation with Member States. Currently running projects are:


  • Comparison of primary care in 10 countries in transition
  • Development of a module to assess prevention and interventions on NCDs for the Primary Care Evaluation Tool (PCET)
  • Evaluation of structure and provision of primary care in several countries (e.g. Tadzhikistan, Republic of Moldova, Andorra and Curaçao)