About Nivel

Nivel, short for 'Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research', is an independent foundation which contributes to the quality and effectiveness of the Dutch healthcare system.

Nivel positions itself on the crossroads between the scientific community, policymakers and the healthcare field (providers, insurance companies and patient organisations). Our motto is ‘bringing worlds together’.

Over ons onderzoekNivel in two minutes

As the video shows, Nivel is active in the multidisciplinary field of scientific research on how healthcare is affected by social factors, financing systems, organisational processes, health technology and personal behaviours. This includes the examination of the quality and costs of healthcare and of health and well-being in general.

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Nivel is the only institute in the European region that is active in primary healthcare research. Interested in collaborating with Nivel? Get to know us better as a partner in international research and please feel free to contact us!

About the Nivel institute and Nivel research in general:

HuisartsenpostNivel Institute, Utrecht, the Netherlands

The Nivel Institute is located in Utrecht, a city in the middle of the country. There are approximately 160 employees, of whom 100 are scientific staff. Starting in 1965 as the scientific institute of the Dutch College of General Practitioners, Nivel's domain has expanded gradually to primary care, secondary care and hospital care. Nowadays, Nivel's research covers the entire 'somatic' healthcare. Read more at Short history of Nivel.

Over ons onderzoekResearch for better care: our mission and core values

Research for better care is our mission. Our mission statement indicates how we forfill this mission: We carry out high quality health services research in the broadest sense, which has a demonstrable impact upon society.’
From out of this mission, we defined our core values: scientific quality and societal relevance and applied and applicable.

At Mission and values we show how we carry out our mission and its related core values.

Pijler 3: Innovaties in de zorg ten gevolge van coronaHealth services research in the broadest sense: our experts and our expertise

Our healthcare services research is organised in a total of thirteen specific research programs covering the specific fields of expertise in healthcare research. Each research progam has its own research team, lead by a coordinator research program, who is one of our our experts: usually a professor with extensive research experience in the field concerned. Through interacting and collaborating the different teams can answer more complex societal questions and challenges.

OrganisatieOrganisation structure

Nivel is a foundation. It has a Supervisory Board to supervise the way Nivel is lead. Nivel's internal organisational structure includes:

  • Management Board, consisting the exective director, the executive secretariat and the scientific staff.
  • Three research units: (1) Healthcare from the perspective of patients, clients ans citizens; (2) Primary Care; (3) Organisation and Management in Healthcare; each with a number of research programs and several research support units.
  • General Affairs, containing several operational units such as Administration, IT, HRM and Corporate Affairs.

At Organistion structure you will find our organisational chart and more information about our individual units.


The formal structure of Nivel is a not-for-profit foundation. Our funding is based on several funding streams. We receive a longterm grant from the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports for our specific databases and panels and for our monitoring research infrastructure. Furthermore we receive external project grants from a wide variety of national and international funding organisations.

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Interested in more information about Nivel as national research institute? Please feel free to contact us. Our head of Research Roland Friele will tell you more about Nivel as national scientific research institute.


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