The Nivel website has been developed with the utmost care.

Nivel does its utmost to present its research results as clear as possible at the Nivel website (www.nivel.nl/eu). The fields of science we study are complex; we guarantee the presentation of all of our figures to be accurate, but we cannot take responsibility for conclusions other parties base on these figures.

We are constantly updating our research results and improving our research methods. This includes adding data from newly affiliated practices into our data systems. These newly added data can affect the online figures we presented previously. As a result the figures presented on our website may differ over time. Therefore, when using our figures, it is important to always indicate – in the source disclosure  – from which Nivel page the data were collected and on which date this page was visited.


Nivel Research Communication Center. Disclaimer. From: www.nivel.nl [Last update 30-April-2024; consulted on 21-June-2024]. URL: https://www.nivel.nl/en/disclaimer