Logos and naming Nivel

Do you want to use the Nivel logo? On this page you can download our logos for print and design (EPS), and for web use (PNG, JPG). We also provide information on the spelling and use of the name of our institute: Nivel.

Logo with pay-off as standard

There are three appearances of the Nivel logo:

  • one with the image, the Nivel name and the pay-off ‘research for better care’
  • one with the image and the Nivel name
  • one with only the image

Use of the logo with pay-off is preferable to the one without pay-off! Only if the logo with pay-off would not be readable when used (e.g. in cases of subsequent pages of ), you can use the version with just the image and name or – in case it has to be even smaller – the version with just the image!

We present our logos in different formats, to be used for different purposes:

Logo Nivel (EPS) - for printing and ‘physical’ design (English and Dutch)
Download  Nivel-logos EPS

Logo Nivel (PNG) – for digital presentations and websites (transparent) (English and Dutch)
Download  Nivel-logos PNG

Logo Nivel (JPG) – for digital presentations and websites (white background) (English and Dutch)
Download Nivel-logos JPG

Guidelines using the Nivel logo

  • The logo may not be narrowed, widened, mirrored or slanted.
  • The position of the image in relation to the typography of the logo is always the same.
  • The width of the logo, on A4 size, is 59 mm (including pay-off: 67 mm). The width of the logo on A5 size is 47 mm (including pay-off: 53 mm).
  • The logo is placed on a white background, with sufficient white around it.
  • Basicly, the logo is placed on the (top) left corner of the page or object.
  • When printing in black and white, the logo in the grey version is used
  • No former versions of the Nivel logo will be used.

Name of our institute: Nivel

The only correct spelling of the name of our institute is ’Nivel'; with a capital only at the beginning (this has been changed in 2017).
To indicate what Nivel stands for, you can add 'Netherlands Institute for Healthcare Services Research’. (For your information, the name 'Nivel' is an acronym for the original full name in Dutch: ‘Nederlands Instituut Voor EersteLijnszorg'.)


Need help in using the Nivel logo? Please contact the Nivel researcher involved or send an e-mail to kenniscentrum@nivel.nl.


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