Our experts

Cordula WagnerPhD
Executive director
Roland FrielePhD
Deputy director
Jany RademakersPhD
Head research department / member of management team, Nivel
Professor Health literacy and Patient Participation – CAPHRI, Maastricht University
Tjard SchermerPhD
Head of Research Department of Primary Care
Ronald BatenburgPhD
Coordinator research programme and Professor in Health Workforce and Organisation Studies
Hennie BoeijePhD.
Coordinator research programme Care and participation of people with a chronic condition
Liset van DijkPhD
Coordinator research programme Pharmaceutical care
Honorary professor Pharmacy Heath Services Research University of Groningen
Michel DückersPD, PhD
Coordinator research programme Disasters and Environmental Hazards
Sandra van DulmenPhD
Coordinator research programme Communication in Healthcare
Anneke FranckePhD, RN
Coordinator research programme 'Nursing, Care & Older persons'
Robert VerheijPhD
Coordinator research programme Health data & the Learning health system
Gé DonkerMD, PhD
Coordinator Sentinel Practices, Nivel Primary Care Database
Peter GroenewegenPhD
Senior researcher Health Systems and Governance
Johan HansenPhD
Senior researcher
Monique HeijmansPhD
Senior researcher and Research Coordinator
Mariëtte HooiveldPhD
Senior researcher
Joris IJzermansPhD
Senior researcher Disasters and Environmental Hazards
Mieke RijkenPhD
Senior researcher Person-centred integrated care
Mattanja TriemstraPhD
Senior researcher
Anke de VeerPhD
Senior researcher and project leader of the national Nursing Staff Panel
Renate Verkaik
Senior researcher participation and care for older persons and people with chronic diseases and disabilities