International projects


Ongoing projects

  Sonar-Global: international collaboration aimed at tackling infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance Project description
  Support to the Horizon Europe Mission on Cancer Project description
  Influenza Mortality Research Project Project description
  The ‘politics’ of a changing institutional ecology: coordination, prioritization and labour in Norwegian health, care and welfare services. Project description
  Primary health care on Aruba Project description
  RSV ComNet: Burden of RSV in the Community Network Project description
  Taxinomisis Project description
  HarmonicSS Project description
  CONNECT: inCreasing cOmmunicatioN, awareNEss and data sharing in a global approaCh against resistance. Project description
GERi project


The Global Epidemiology of RSV in Community and Hospitalized Care (GERi) study Project description
Chrodis Joint Action on Chronic Diseases (JA-CHRODIS) Project description
I-MOVE I-MOVE+ (Integrated Monitoring of Vaccines in Europe) Project description
GIBS The Global Influenza B Study (GIBS) Project description
COMPAR-EU COMPAR-EU Project description
Health Services and Policy Monitor Health Services and Policy Monitor
Nivel is National Leading Institute (NLI) for the Netherlands’ Health System Review (formerly known as HiT-report). The platform is available at
Project description





Selected past projects

  • ARNA (antimicrobial resistance and causes of non-prudent use of antibiotics in human medicine)
    Project description
  • EUR-HUMAN (EUropean Refugees- HUman Movement and Advisory Network)
  • SPIMEU (Determinants of Successful Implementation of Selective Prevention of Cardio-metabolic Diseases Across Europe)
    Project description
  • CC4HCA: Support for the definition of core competences for healthcare assistants
    Project description
  • Primary Care Evaluation Tool (PCET)
    • Comparison of primary care in 10 countries in transition
    • Development of a module to assess prevention and interventions on NCDs for the Primary Care Evaluation Tool (PCET)
    • Evaluation of structure and provision of primary care in several countries (e.g. Tadzhikistan, Republic of Moldova, Andorra and Curaçao)
  • Joint Action on Cancer Control (JA-CANCON)
    Project website
  • QUALICOPC (Evaluating costs and quality of primary care in Europe).
    Duration: 2011 - 16
    Nivel involvement: Lead Partner
    Project website
  • ICARE4EU (Innovating care for people with multiple chronic conditions in Europe)
    Duration: 2014 - 16
    Nivel involvement: Lead Partner
  • TRANSFoRm  - Translational Medicine and Patient Safety in Europe
    Duration 2010 – 15
    Nivel involvement: Collaborating partner
  • DUQuE - 'Deepening our Understanding of Quality Improvement in Europe
    Duration: 2009 -13
    Nivel involvement: Collaborating Partner
  • HSREPP – Health Services Research into European Policy and Practice
    Duration: 2009 -11
    Nivel involvement: Lead Partner
  • APRES (APpropriateness of Prescribing antibiotics in primary health care in Europe with respect to antibiotic resistance)
    Project website
    Duration: 2009 -13
    Nivel involvement: Lead Partner
  • ACTOR (Study on the set-up of organ donation and transplantation in the EU Member States, uptake and impact of the EU Action Plan on Organ Donation and Transplantation)
    Duration: 2009 -13
    Nivel involvement: Lead Partner