Nivel introduces new website to present influenza mortality

Nivel introduces new website to present influenza mortality

Assessing the mortality impact of seasonal and pandemic influenza is essential to optimize public health responses, today and in the future. Nivel has therefore initiated a number of projects to assess influenza mortality at a global, regional and national level. The results on these projects are presented on a newly launched Nivel website.  

With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic there is much interest in comparing influenza and COVID-19 mortality.

Our results cover several pandemic estimates
At the Nivel Influenza Mortality Research Project website you will find our research methods and results. Importantly, our research on influenza mortality covers seasonal and pandemic mortality, and includes pandemic estimates for the 21st century (2009), 20th century (1968, 1957, 1918) and 19th century (1889).

Fragment of our article Global mortality associated with seasonal influenza epidemics: New burden estimates and predictors from the GLaMOR Project, see Seasonal influenza mortality estimates.

Excess influenza mortality

Useful reference for further research
In providing access to our mortality estimates through the website we aim to share our work and the findings with researchers around the world. The website will be updated with new publications and data as these become available.

Background on our research
Most of the work on influenza mortality has been carried out in the context of the Global Influenza Mortality project (GLaMOR), which was funded by WHO Headquarters (Global Influenza Programme).

This research project relates to Nivel's research program Disasters and Environmental Hazards (lead by prof. Michel Dückers, PhD).