Nivel, partner in international research

Nivel is a proud partner in international comparative healthcare research, by collaborating with a number of highly renown European organisations. We also look forward to working with you. Together we can make a joint contribution in improving healthcare.


OrganisatieNivel: expertise, resources, experience, quick deliverables … and enthusiasm!

At Nivel we have a unique combination of people, resources, data, history and experience in healthcare research. This enables us to perform high-quality research for and/or together with you, in a scientifically justified and efficient way:

Getting an impression of what we do

Take a look at two of our ongoing projects:

  • Project Long-COVID (2021-2022): a large-scale, joint national project to gain insight into the long-term complaints after COVID-19 and the 'care pathways' of patients with Long-COVID. A mixed-methods research.
  • OECD-Paris (2020-2024): Nivel is leading partner in developing  the Patient-Reported Indicators Survey (PaRIS-SUR), which is commissioned by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

All our ongoing international projects >>

Meer wetenInterested? Contact us

Nivel is the only institute in the European region that is active in primary healthcare research. Interested in collaborating with Nivel in international research? Please contact us, we look forward to getting in touch with you!

  • Our head of research unit Primary Care and Support of International Research, Jeroen Hasselaar, will tell you more about ongoing international projects and about cooperating with Nivel as partner in healthcare research.
  • Our experts will tell you more about their field of expertise and about doing research with us in this specific field.

Why Nivel?

  • about 100 researchers, active in 13 research programs, of whom 19 also have a chair as professor at a university
  • an enormous amount of health and healthcare data, collected over the years and instantly available for (comparative) research
  • a wide range of representative panels and data registration systems
  • flexible deployment of long and short term research, as well as research projects on short term notice.

LinksNivel: projects and results

Which kinds of research projects and products does Nivel have to offer? For a good impression, take a look at:

What research do we do?

A selection of the research we conduct:

  • evaluation studies of the efficacy of innovations in healthcare, policy measures, and health law
  • scenario analysis to predict developments in the need for/or supply of healthcare
  • international comparative studies regarding healthcare systems
  • answering specific questions by using Nivel's database, e.g. evidence on the effectiveness of policy measures
  • studies into treatment adherence
  • studies into antimicrobial resistance
  • studies into prescription behaviour of general practitioners

This, along with the enthusiasm of all our employees, makes Nivel a suitable partner in health services research.

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