Research program Allied Healthcare

Program coordination by Nivel expert Willemijn Meijer, PhD 

Wiilemijn MeijerAllied Healthcare is the care that focuses on reducing the consequences of an illness or a condition. It is about maintaining health as well as learning to cope with an illness.
Our fields of research concern the specific paramedic disciplines of physiotherapy, remedial therapy, dietetics and speech therapy. Furthermore we focus on multidisciplinary issues, both within allied healthcare and in allied healthcare in combination with other disciplines.

Points of focus 2022–2024Points of focus 2022–2024

  • Identifying and examining the provided allied healthcare. We base this our research on the many registrations provided by paramedics participating in the Nivel Primary Care Database, a enormous infrastructure in collecting and analysing healthcare data. Much of our research is conducted in collaboration with parties in the field, such as professional organisations.
  • Promoting the quality of our registrations, in order to stimulate the use of our data for research by third parties.
  • Gaining and sharing insights into the relationship between prescription of medication (particularly by GPs) and the use of allied healthcare.

Our publications or our projectsOur publications or our projects

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Want to know more?Want to know more?

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