January 2019

Sonar-Global: international collaboration to address infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance

Duration: Jan 2019 - Jun 2022

Societies inside and outside Europe are exposed to the threat of infectious disease outbreaks and antimicrobial resistance (AMR). History has many outbreak cases. A very recent example of this is the corona pandemic, which affects virtually every aspect of social life worldwide. In order to respond adequately to risks and consequences, a multidisciplinary approach is required, making use of current scientific insights. In practice, this approach does not get off the ground sufficiently, and this is largely due to the insufficient use of knowledge and expertise from the social sciences. The Sonar-Global project focuses on the positioning and use of the social sciences in the fight against infectious diseases and AMR.

An international consortium, coordinated by the Pasteur Institute in Paris, collaborates with scientists, policy makers and professionals from many countries. Strategies, tools and training programs are being developed to address vulnerabilities in multiple regions, together with local stakeholders. Within this consortium, Nivel is committed to developing practical solutions for locally identified problems in response to current threats, based on research. The approach is being tested in Bangladesh, Uganda and Ukraine, among others, but also within Europe with a focus on COVID-19. Within Europe these are Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Malta, Slovenia and Switzerland.

This three-year project will continue and strengthen Nivel's international activities on a theme that will continue to be a focus of public health and safety in the future.

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