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Chargeback for cloud services.

Baars, T., Khadka, R., Stefanov, H., Jansen, S., Batenburg, R., Heusden, E. van. Chargeback for cloud services. Future Generation Computer System: 2014, 41, p. 91-103.
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With pay-per-use pricing models, elastic scaling of resources, and the use of shared virtualized infrastructures, cloud computing offers more efficient use of capital and agility. To leverage the advantages of cloud computing, organizations have to introduce cloud-specific chargeback practices. Organizations have to allocate IT service costs to business users in a way that reflects service consumption. To help organizations become effective users of cloud services, this article provides an overview of the factors that influence chargeback in the cloud services. This is an initial work that determines the factors influencing the chargeback in the cloud services. The findings of this research facilitate organizations to realize the implications of the cloud for their chargeback. (aut. ref.)