The development of GP and patient questionnaires for QUALICOPC, a European study on primary care.

Schäfer, W.L.A., Boerma, W.G.W., Kringos, D.S. The development of GP and patient questionnaires for QUALICOPC, a European study on primary care. European Journal of Public Health: 2011, 21(suppl. 1), p. 36. Abstract. 4th European Public Health Conference: 'Public Health and Welfare - Welfare Development and Public Health' 9-12 november 2011, Copenhagen.
Background: The QUALICOPC (Quality and costs of primary care in Europe) project is funded under the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission and aims to evaluate primary care systems in Europe against criteria of quality, equity and costs. The project makes use of existing data sources on primary care at the national level. Furthermore new data will be collected by means of surveys among GPs and their patients in 31 European countries. Methods: To come to a set of well founded questionnaires a search was performed on existing questionnaires for GPs and patients in primary care. Several steps were taken for both a literature and Google based search. Based on the findings of the search questions were formulated for the GP and patient questionnaires by the QUALICOPC consortium, a group of experts from 6 institutes through Europe. In this presentation we will elaborate on the findings of the search, explaining themes in existing primary care studies and the development of the QUALICOPC questionnaires. Results: The survey covers a variety of themes such as the GP task profiles, collaboration and coordination within primary care and between primary and secondary care and accessibility of primary care. The outcomes of the patients’ survey will be linked to the GP practices. The data will be analysed using multilevel analyses, taking into account three levels of primary care: the national level, the level of the GP practice and the level of the patient. The analyses will focus on several themes, including avoidable hospitalization, process quality of primary care, patients’ perceived outcomes, costs, access and equity and good practices of primary care. Conclusions: For the QUALICOPC project well founded questionnaires were developed for patients and their GPs in 31 countries. in Europe. The QUALICOPC project will contribute to the knowledge on primary care systems by comparing many countries. (aut. ref.)