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The Gesundes Kinzigtal programme, Germany. ICARE4EU Case report.

Struckmann, V., Boerma, W., Ginneken, E. van. The Gesundes Kinzigtal programme, Germany. ICARE4EU Case report. Bruxelles: European Union, 2015. 18 p.
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- The ‘Gesundes Kinzigtal’ (GK) programme is situated in the State of Baden-Württemberg, in the rural Black Forest area of south-western Germany. It is a comprehensive population-based integrated care programme, run by the GK GmbH, which is a joint venture of a health sciences based management company and an interdisciplinary physician and psychotherapist network.
- The programme started in 2005 and is targeted at the entire Kinzigtal population, regardless of disease or age. GK’s health care services direct care to the ones insured by one of the two sickness funds, which are almost half of the 69, 000 inhabitants of the Kinzigtal region.
- The guiding principle of the integrated care system GK is the triple aim concept: improving the health of the population in the Kinzigtal region, improving the individuals experience of care and at the same time reducing the per capita costs of care.
- GK`s main elements are: self-management support, prevention, patient-centred care, electronic networking system. Specific care for people with multimorbidity is already offered with respect to polypharmacy, prevention and self- management training will be implemented in 2016.
- The programme is continuously internally and externally evaluated since the beginning with an overall positive trend. Thus the two participating sickness funds and Gesundes Kinzigtal intend to continue the contract for an unlimited period and transfer the Kinzigtal-approach to three other regions in Baden-Württemberg.