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Opting-out systems no guarantee for higher donation rates.

Coppen, R., Friele, R.D., Marquet, R.L., Gevers, J.K.M. Opting-out systems no guarantee for higher donation rates. Transplant International: 2005, 18(11), 1275-1279
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There are considerable differences in the number of organ donations between countries. It is assumed that opting-out systems have a significantly positive impact on the national organ donation rate. The aim of our study was to establish whether different consent systems explain the difference in organ donation rates between countries when taking into account the difference in relevant mortality rates. For this study, we compared data on donation and relevant mortality rates for 10 different countries as well as information on the existing consent systems. This international comparative study shows that there is a strong correlation between mortality rates and donation rates (Spearman's rho = 0.81 (P < 0.01). International comparative legal research has shown that the differences between decision systems are marginal. When the national organ donation rates are corrected for mortality rates, these findings are confirmed: the donor efficiency rate shows that opting-out systems do not automatically guarantee higher donation rates than opting-in systems. (aut.ref.)