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STRIPA: The potential usefulness of a medical app.

Aarnoutse, F., Renes, C., Batenburg, R., Spruit, M. STRIPA: The potential usefulness of a medical app. In: T.M. Gasmelseid. Advancing Pharmaceutical Processes and Tools for Improved Health Outcomes. Hershey: Medical Information Science Reference, 2016. p. 114-1.
Polypharmic patients are patients who chronically use five or more medicines. The number of polypharmacy patients continues to increase even though it is a risk factor for morbidity and mortality. A medication review is an important measure to mitigate medication risks. It is known to effectively reduce the number of drug related problems per (polypharmic) patient. STRIP is a Dutch method to perform a structured medication review. Based on this method, the STRIPA(ssistent) tool is developed. However, whether or not this app is considered useful by the healthcare professional is not known yet. In order to assess this, a systematic literature study is conducted. In addition, an effectiveness study design is described. The results show that there is indeed a need for medication reviews and Dutch healthcare professionals are likely to adopt new technologies, an effectiveness study based on a randomized controlled trial is necessary to assess the effectiveness of STRIPA. (aut. ref.)