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Surveying the critical success factors of BPM-systems implementation.

Ravesteyn, P., Batenburg, R. Surveying the critical success factors of BPM-systems implementation. Business Process Management Journal: 2010, 16(3), p. 492-507.
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Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to explore if there is a common ground for the definition of business process management (BPM) and BPM-systems, as well as the critical success factors (CSFs) for BPM-system implementation. A BPM-system implementation framework is validated that classifies the CSFs in distinctive domains that can be used for BPM project management and organization. Design/methodology/approach – A meta-analysis of literature was performed to develop a set of statements with regard to the definition, benefits and CSFs of BPM(-system) implementation. Then a survey was conducted among 39 Dutch consultants, developers and end-users of BPM-systems that vary in BPM experience. Through a web-questionnaire, the shared view of the respondents was measured with respect to the definition, benefits and the BPM-system implementation framework. Findings – It appears that different respondent groups share a common view on the definition and benefits of BPM and BPM-systems, regardless their role in the value chain of BPM deployment within organizations. In addition, there is consensus on the CSFs of BPM-system implementation. In particular, it is supported that communication, involvement of stakeholders and governance is critical. Hence, organizations should realize that BPM-system implementation is not mainly an IT-project, but should preferably be initiated by top management. Research limitations/implications – This paper is limited to representatives from Dutch organizations. Future research can be done in other countries to explore if BPM-systems and its CSFs differ across regions and cultures. Furthermore, the BPM-system implementation framework can be specifically validated by (comparative) case study or project research. Originality/value – While BPM is commonly accepted as a concept, the CSFs for BPM-system implementation is hardly validated. This paper shows, by empirical validation, if these CSFs from literature are supported by different groups of professionals. Furthermore, the CSFs for implementing BPM are modeled and classified in a framework build up from five areas. Analysis of the internal coherence of different survey items sets, supports that the authors can define the goals and CSFs when implementing BPM-systems.(aut. ref.)