Dutch Health Care Consumer Panel


The Dutch Health Care Consumer Panel aims to measure, at national level, opinions on and knowledge about health care and the expectations and experiences with health care.

Panel members (12,000)

As of May 2017, the panel consists of almost 12,000 people aged 18 years and older.


Data is collected using surveys. In total, approximately eight surveys a year are conducted. Each individual member of the panel receives a questionnaire around three times a year. Usually, ther's a response rate of approximately 65 percent for the questionnaires. In addition to written and online questionnaires, we are equipped to recruit members for and perform interviews (by telephone or face-to-face) and focus groups.  

Different target groups

Questionnaires may be send to a sample that is representative for the Dutch population aged 18 years and older, or to a specific subset based on background characteristics (e.g. elderly, or women aged 40-65 years) or to a sample based on panel members who agreed to combine their answers on questionnaires with data about their healthcare use as registered by their general practitioner.

More information

Contact: consumentenpanel@nivel.nl

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