As a researcher at Nivel, I work with several colleagues to investigate how we can improve the (Dutch) healthcare sector. I am specialized in investigating questions regarding labor and organization within the healthcare sector.



I started working in 2013 at the healthcare organization Ksyos as an Accountmanager for General Practitioners in The Netherlands and England. After a couple of years my function there was (International) Projectmanager for TeleCardiology and TeleDermatology. In 2018, I switched jobs and started as e-health advisor at the Netherlands Cancer Institute. In June 2019, I started as researcher at Nivel and worked here for three years. Afterwards, I worked at the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment for half a year. From January 2023, I am working again as a researcher at Nivel.
BSc Health Sciences (Amsterdam),
MSc Health Economics, Policy and Law (Rotterdam).