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Laura Schackmann, PhD
Researcher (postdoc) Pharmaceutical Care


Within the research program Pharmaceutical Care, I focus on the communication between pharmacy teams and their patients. In my doctoral research, I have demonstrated that specific communication trainings can assist the pharmacy team in dealing with challenging situations, especially when patients' emotions run high, such as during medication switches or new vaccines. Strengthening the communication between the pharmacy team and patients promotes a better understanding of medications, improved adherence to therapy, positive health outcomes for patients, as well as the job satisfaction of the pharmacy team.

In addition to communication research, I also engage in national and international (EU-level) projects on medications and vaccination programs, as well as the changing role of the pharmacist.



December 2019 – December 2020: Junior researcher law and regulation in the healthcare sector, Nivel
January – August 2019: Research project investigating the contributing factors to the disease burden of chronic kidney disease in Bonaire
March – July 2018: Research project investigating the economic burden of chronic kidney disease in Sri Lanka
January – May 2017: Research project investigating the factors that play a role on the success of rehabilitation in the mental healthcare sector at Emergis in Goes (Province Zeeland)
October – December 2016: Research project investigating the perceptual differences in pregnancy medical care amongst women who delivered in the Netherlands at the AZC in the Middelburg (Province Zeeland)
June – December 2016: A comparative study: the association between BMI and pre-eclampsia amongst pregnant women in St. Antonius hospital, Nieuwegein and Paradise Valley hospital in Phoenix, Arizona
- Master in Science (Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam):
• Research Masters Global Health
- Bachelor in Science (University college Roosevelt, Middelburg):
• Major: pre-medical sciences
• Minor: psychology