Healthcare Professionals registries


The aim of the healthcare professionals registries is to monitor on a continuous basis of the number, composition and regional supply of healthcare professionals. Nivel maintains the following registries: General Practitioners, Midwives, Remedial therapists and Occupational therapists.

Characteristics of the healthcare workforce
Via questionnaires, data is gathered about characteristics of the workforce, such as gender, age, labour market entry preferences, expected age and motives for ending the career, working part time, employment by type of practice, and the share of patient-related working time.

Monitoring the labour market over time
For most professions long time series of data exist. This makes it possible to monitor changes in labour market behaviour over time. Since 1975 Nivel has collected career data on all GPs that work in The Netherlands, since 1993 on all midwives. For remedial therapists and occupational therapists labour market research is conducted on a two-year basis since 2006, making it possible to signal changes over time.