Nursing Staff Panel


The Nursing Staff Panel is a nationally representative Dutch research sample consisting of a permanent group of Nursing Assistants (NAs), Registered Nurses (RNs), and social workers who are prepared to fill in an online questionnaire at least twice a year.

Nursing staff delivering direct patient care
Nursing staff delivering direct patient care in the largest healthcare sectors in the Netherlands (i.e. hospitals, mental health care, care for disabled people, home care, nursing homes, general practices) were invited to become members of the Nursing Staff Panel. Participation in the Nursing Staff Panel is voluntary and anonymous.

Who participates?
Members of the Nursing Staff Panel are primarily recruited via a random sample of the population of Dutch healthcare employees provided by the Dutch Employee Insurance Agency. This agency is responsible for social security payments and registers all employees in the Dutch healthcare sector. Healthcare employees in this random sample were asked to participate in healthcare research for various purposes. This procedure promotes a diverse composition of the Panel in terms of age, gender, region and employer.