Nivel Nursing Staff Panel

The Dutch Nivel Nursing Staff Panel is a nationally representative Dutch research sample of 2,500 nursing staff professionals, such as Nursing Assistants (NAs), Registered Nurses (RNs) and social workers, who are prepared to fill in an online questionnaire at least twice a year.

One of Nivel's national panels

The Nivel Nursing Staff Panel is part of Nivel's research infrastructure, which consists of panels, national databases and monitors. With this research infrastructure, Nivel provides relevant information from different perspectives: that of patients, clients and citizens, that of healthcare providers and that of the organisation of healthcare.


The aim of research with the Nivel Nursing Staff Panel is to gain insight into how these care providers experience the content of their work. This information is used to indicate how healthcare can be improved and how working in healthcare can be made more fulfilling.

Panel membersPanel members

The Nivel Nursing Staff Panel consist of about 2,500 nursing staff professionals in the Netherlands, delivering direct patient care in many healthcare sectors:

  • hospital care
  • mental healthcare
  • care for disabled people
  • home care
  • care in nursing homes
  • care in general practices

Participation in the Nivel Nursing Staff Panel is voluntary and anonymous.

Recruitment of panel members: diversity guaranteedRecruitment of panel members: diversity guaranteed

Members of the Nivel Nursing Staff Panel are primarily recruited via a random sample of the population of Dutch healthcare employees provided by the Dutch Employee Insurance Agency. This agency is responsible for social security payments and registers all employees in the Dutch healthcare sector.
Healthcare employees in this random sample are asked to participate in healthcare research for various purposes. This procedure promotes a diverse composition of the Panel in terms of age, gender, region and employer.


Panel members voluntarily answer questions about the content of their work several times a year. The questions are generally asked in online questionnaires, but they can also be addressed in interviews and group discussions. The questions are about subjects that are important to healthcare professionals. Panel participants can present their opinions and experiences in these questionnaires.

Privacy protection

We value the privacy of people and organisations that participate in our registrations. In our Privacy Regulations for the Dutch Nursing Staff Panel (in Dutch) we state what data we collect, how we manage it, what data we may provide to third parties and what the rights of the registered participants are. Hereby we adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), that took effect in EU in 2018:

  • Researchers have no access to identifiable data of participants (e.g. name, address, citizen service number).
  • Research results cannot be traced back to individual persons, healthcare providers or organisations.
  • Participating healthcare providers may withdraw from Nivel's registrations at any time, without stating reasons.


Results of research with the panel you can find at Publications on this website, where you can fill in your own search terms (such as 'nursing').


The Nursing Staff Panel is financed by the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

What can we do for you?What can we do for you?

For more information about the panel and about the use of the panel for research purposes, please send an e-mail to, or contact one of the Nivel contacts on the right.
For more information on conducting research together with Nivel in general, go to ok Nivel, partner in international research. We look forward to getting in touch with you.


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