Panel Living Together - people with intellectual disabilities and family members


By gathering information on the care and living situation of people with a intellectual disability and relatives from their perspective, we aim to help policy makers in improving the care and possibilities for these members of our society.

Panel members

The Panel Living Together consists of:

  • approximately 500 people with a mild or moderate intellectual disability
  • approximately 350 relatives of people with an intellectual disability (mostly relatives sometimes good friends or professionals)


The panel members with intellectual disabilities are invited once every two years for an oral interview at their homes. The questions mainly concern participation issues: whether and how they participate in society and how they wish to participate.
Relatives receive a questionnaire once a year with questions about participation of the panel member with an intellectual disability in society.

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For more information about research with the Nivel Panel Living Together, please send an e-mail to of feel free to contact one of the Nivel contacs on the right.

For more information about Nivel as a partner in healthcare services research in general, please feel free to contact our progamme manager international projects Inge van Houdt PhD.
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