Research program Care Demand of the Chronically Ill and Disabled

Program coordination by Nivel expert Hennie Boeije, PhD

Hennie Boeije, PhD
The number of people with chronic diseases or disabilities will increase in the coming years. We study the health, the health behaviour, the experience of illness and the care and support of people with chronic diseases or disabilities.

In this research program we frame our research results in the context of current issues, such as the sustainability of healthcare and participation in society. In our field of research we collaborate with many expert parties in order to contribute to the quality of life of people with chronic diseases or disabilities.



Doel Points of focus 2022–2024


  • Person-centered care and self management for people with a chronic diseases
  • Social participation and inclusion of people with disabilities
  • Quality of life and support of informal caretakers
  • Care for elderly persons still living at home
  • Participation of young people with a chronic disease and the essential support they need to get in doing so

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