I-MOVE+: Integrated Monitoring of Vaccines in Europe 2015-2018

Duration: May 2015 - Dec 2018

I-MOVE+ (Integrated Monitoring of Vaccines in Europe) is a consortium of 26 partners (regional and national public health Institutes, SME, Universities frrom of 15 European Union / European Economic Area Member States. The I-MOVE network aims to measure influenza vaccine effectiveness in Europe, in a way that is scientifically and financially independent from vaccine manufacturers. It publishes results immediately after the start of a seasonal epidemic or pandemic.

Its goal is to develop a sustainable platform of primary care, hospital and laboratory networks that use validated standardised methods to evaluate existing and new vaccines programmes independently from commercial interests. Our goal is to identify, pilot test, use, and disseminate the best study designs to measure, in near real time the effectiveness and impact of vaccines used in the elderly population to prevent influenza and pneumococcal infections

Scientific reports

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The I-Move Consortium consists of international 26 partners; regional and national public health institutes, SME, Universities from of 15 European Union of European Economic Area Member States