Adoption of interorganisational ICT in primary care.

Plomp, M.G.A., Batenburg, R.S., Verheij, R.A. Adoption of interorganisational ICT in primary care. In: P.A. Bath; T. Mettler; D.A. Raptis; B.A. Sen (Eds.) Proceedings of the 15th International Symposium on Health Information Management Research. Zurich Switzerland, 8-9 September 2011.
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Efficient and effective collaboration among health care providers is of great importance. Interorganisational ICT can enable and facilitate this collaboration, but the adoption of such information systems is still sparsely analysed. In this paper we describe the results of a survey among 49 GP practices in The Netherlands held in 2009 and 2010, which were queried on their adoption of different types of interorganisational ICT, such as the exchange with out-of-hours services and with other primary and secondary care providers. It appears that the adoption of interorganisational ICT is not significantly related to personal or organisational characteristics of the GP practice, nor to characteristics of their patient population. What is related, is the type of GP software package the practice uses. (aut. ref.)