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Botsende waarden in het keukentafelgesprek.

Fermin, A., Friele, R. Botsende waarden in het keukentafelgesprek. Journal of Social Intervention: Theory and Practice: 2020, 29(6), p. 3-20.
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Under the 2015 Social Support Act, there are inconveniences experienced amongst social professionals entering as municipal representatives in kitchen table discussions with applicants for professional support. The dominant policy objective of promoting self-sufficiency does not provide these professionals sufficient guidance when discussing and considering difficult decisions. In practice, these professionals appear to use their professional space to a certain extent and base their decisions not only on the value of self-sufficiency, but also on other values.

Based on a literature review and a limited empirical study, we identify and clarify the values that play a role in difficult choices about informal and professional support. The concept of self-sufficiency refers to the value of autonomy as self-development. The other values that - often implicitly - play a role in kitchen table discussions are those of respecting the client’s freedom of choice and preventing harm, for example due to neglect.

Once it is acknowledged that more than one value plays a role in these discussions, including potential tensions between them, this provides social professionals a conceptual framework for consideration. They can use this framework when clarifying and discussing difficult choices about informal and professional support with applicants or colleagues.