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Carer perception of chronic illness.

Weinman, J., Heijmans, M., Figueiras, M.J. Carer perception of chronic illness. In: L.D. Cameron; H. Leventhal. The self-regulation of health and illness behaviour. Londen/New-York: Routledge, 2003. 207-219
In this chapter we will begin with an introduction to the family context in illness and then provide a selective overview of recent studies that have examined care illness perceptions, their congruence with patients' perceptions and their effects on outcome. Although the primary focus will be on carers within the family setting, one section will also describe recent research examining the nature and effects of differences between professional health careers' and patients' perceptions of illness. All the evidence reviewed will be restricted to those studies where the patient is an adult because we feel that, although there are parallel issues for understanding carer responses to children with illness, these merit separate consideration. (aut. ref.)