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Monique Heijmans, PhD
Senior researcher Care Demand of the Chronically Ill and Disabled; coordinator Panel of People with Lung Disease


She works as a senior researcher at Nivel since 1998 and is project leader of the National Panel of people with Chronic Illness or Disability (2008-present) and the National Panel of people with Lung Diseases (2001 – present); she is an expert in the area of (determinants of) self-management, diversity and chronic illness and has extensive research experience in the area of psychosocial factors and their interaction with health behavior and health, including illness perceptions, patient activation, self-efficacy, social support and health literacy. Recently she started research on gender differences in treatment burden among chronic disease patients. Since 1998 she was involved in more than 50 research projects related to chronic disease, diversity, self-management, health literacy, social participation, multi-morbidity and person-centred care in the Netherlands. She is the (co-)author of over 70 international publications and over 100 Dutch articles and reports.



Education old
1995 – 1990 : Health Sciences, University of Maastricht
1993 : Behavioural therapist
1998 : PhD “Cognitive representations of chronic disease - an empirical study among patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrom and Addison’s Disease”
(Board) Memberships old
- Dutch Alliance on Health Literacy
- Researchschool CARE
- Scientific Committee of the Dutch Lung Foundation
- Scientific research group on psychosocial aspects of renal disease
- European Respiratory Society (ERS)
- European Health Psychology Society (EHPS)